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How New Zealand coach, Steve Hansen, helped me turn R3,000 into R5,740 in 14 days

All with just 10 minutes 'work'...

And completely TAX-FREE

Dear Reader,
I love New Zealand's rugby coach, Steve Hansen.
It’s been this way since he helped deposit R1,350 into my bank account on the 12 of September 2014. He also added R1,290 14 days later on the 26th of September. And when he did so, he made me his number one fan for life!
And the best part is: All of this was tax-free.
No, I’m not caught up in some elaborate match-fixing scam! In fact, I’ve never even met him or gone to any of the Western Province games. But, he has helped put money into my account week after week.
And that's not the only sports team that’s been lining my pockets!
The Lions also gave me R1,800 on the 17th of October...
And I’m not the only one.
You see, there’s a small group of people who’ve turned making money from sports stars into an exact science!
These people recently turned R3,000 into R5,740 in just 14 days…
Enjoyed returns of over 132% in less than a month from watching their favourite sports…
And consistently churn out mind-blowing gains month after month…
100% tax-free!
How do they do it?
They read their SMSs!
Your introduction to weekly profits
Before I tell you more details, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.
For many reasons (including the vast number of bookies who hate my guts because I cut their profits in half!) We can’t tell you our real names, but you can call us the FSP Sports Desk…
Our job is to watch your favourite sports on our big screen TV and cash in from them over and over again.
And it pays out at least 75% of the time.
That’s right! For every three bets we place, we’re pocketing cash on at least two of them… And you could be too!
It’s all about consistently profitable sports betting.
You see, most people treat sports betting like it’s supposed to be a hit-and-miss affair. They follow their emotions and pay peripheral attention to what the media says about their favourite sports team. And they lose big time!
But every week my partner and I, send betting tips via email and SMS on certain sporting events so our members can bank returns on your favourite sports.
The Winning Streak is a sports betting and tipping service that helps ordinary South Africans bank serious money from the sport’s world in just 10 minutes a week!
And did I mention all of these gains are completely tax-free?
So how did we almost double R3,000 in a matter of days?
How it works is we tell our subscribers, via SMS and email, how many points to bet in any given tip. They choose how much they’re going to put in per point and how much they stand to make.
In the example below, I’m using R1,000 per point but you can put in as little as 100 per point and still cash in big time.
Here’s how it played out…
On 12 September 2014, we sent an email saying…
”New Zealand and Denver to Win their matches."
Odds: 9/20
Stake: 3 points”
This bet turned R3,000 into R4.350.
Then, on 26 of September, we sent another email and SMS, saying:
“South Africa and New Zealand to win their matches."
Odds: 43/100
Stake: 3 points”
The bet turned R3,000 into R4,290.
Put these together and you’ll see how we turned our original R3,000 into R5,740 in as little as two weeks!
And that’s just what we made off Steve Hansen. Over the same period as these bets we also banked 13.19 points - That's enough to turn R1,000 into a massive R13,190 - from other sports!
The profit potential is incredible!
Each week, we’ll send you at least two tips which means, every week you’ll have two new opportunities to profit. Take a look at what one of our subscribers from Johannesburg had to say about this amazing opportunity…
“Last week I started with R1,000. 00 … My balance stands at R7,252. 00. A leap from the original R1,000 on Tuesday last! My net gain was R4,252.00. In less than a week! I know there will always be a risk involved, but I must say that you called it well and for that, many thanks and well done.”
– I.L. Johannesburg

With just 10 minutes ‘work’, you could bank the easiest money you’ll ever make. And the best part is, the government won’t get a single cent of this money – it’s completely TAX-FREE!
When sports betting becomes a science, consistent profits like this are not a daydream…
Take the gamble out of gambling
Today, we want to show you how to get started in the exciting world of quick and regular sports gains!
Get access to our expertise and vast network of contacts as we spend a large part of our lives researching the odds and scouring the Internet in a bid to beat the bookies.
By profession, we spend hours and hours each day dealing with facts, figures, ratios and odds. We’re heavily involved in the financial markets and have built our careers by making the numbers work for us…Getting the exact specifications we’re looking for and making sure the timing is perfect… You could say numbers are in our blood.
So helping you make money from sports betting on a regular basis is something we plan to do weekly.
And, our track record speaks for itself.
But, we feel we need to warn you…
A quick warning…
Sports betting isn’t for everyone. No matter how successful and exceptional The Winning Streak system is, there will be some losses.
As one subscriber said to me in an email: “This is not for the faint hearted, but if you want to make fast money, doing very little ‘work’, there simply is no better way than The Winning Streak. ”
Just take a look at some of these stories of crazy returns…

“I am R3,022.50 up in total across all four betting sites. (75.56% gain on all bet deposits - also in part thanks to the head start of registration bonuses from 2 of the Bookies). I have recovered my entire years' service fee with TWS and have earned almost double the interest I would have earned on a bank savings account".
– M.M. Johannesburg
“I have managed to make this a total pool of around R22,000 and have just paid for my December cruise to Mauritius because of this…”
– N.G. – Randburg
“My gains thus far is 76% (including my loss). Thanks team… Keep the tips coming!”
– Dirk van Wyngard
“My total bets on 3 tips was R1,000 and I more than doubled it.”
– H.S. – George
Easy money!
The information we’ll SMS you every week could be worth up to an extra R5,000 to R10,000 a month!
And that’s not all you’ll get with your membership to The Winning Streak.
You’ll also get:
  • An electronic Winning Streak Rule Book explaining how everything works: We’ll show you how the odds system works, so you never miss a single bet! It’s filled with information that’ll help you start betting on a winning note! Once you make your first string of profits, you’ll be hooked.
  • You’ll also receive a free electronic report, The Bookmakers Insider, which will give you all the information to start betting straight away – see the special offers we’ve negotiated for you and sign up with the recommended bookmakers!
  • Weekly updates: In addition to email tips, we’ll send you weekly emails updating you on recent results and occasionally include additional educational tips to give you a better understanding on special aspects of sports betting. Read our members’ only weekly email and you’ll know what to expect when your phone “beeps”!

Join now and get 30 RISK-FREE DAYS to put us to the test!
We’re very proud of our track record – we know it stands up incredibly well. As do our current members – many of whom have made astounding profits by following our tips.
We’re confident that as long as you act when you get our SMS, our tips will put money into your bank account EVERY WEEK... But we’d like the opportunity to prove that to you: We don’t expect you to sign up today on the basis of past results alone.
That’s why we’re prepared to give you 30 days membership RISK-FREE where you see how we do with your own eyes before you decide whether to commit to a monthly membership to The Winning Streak…
So, how much is a subscription to this life-changing service?
You’ll get access to easy money from sports betting for just R249 a month!
That’s around R8 a day... Less than the price of a cup of coffee! And you’ll easily make that money back from just ONE of our tips!
A tax-free, regular income is just an order away...
Seriously: You won’t find an easier way to make money!

Subscribe today!
Yours sincerely,
The FSP Sports Desk
PS: Join the winning team and start making quick R500 – R5,000 windfalls on a weekly basis! It couldn’t be easier.

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•    A free electronic report, the Bookmakers Insider, which will give you all the information to start betting straight away
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